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Pages dedicated to the year 2000 Undergraduate Intake of Leeds University Geography Department

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In years to come you may wish to contact, or like to be contacted by, people on our course. In order to make this easier, could you please send me your home email here ( and I'll put it on a list where we can access it. I would hope that the end of this term will not be a permanent parting. There are a lot of you I would hate to lose track of.

Picture Galleries

Odd pictures
The Courtyard, November 2002
Pizza, December 3rd 2002
Undergrads win department quiz
Ice Skating, February 2003
Chris Moore's 21st, March 13th 2003
BA v BSc Football and Hockey. March 23rd 2003
GeogSoc Ball, Leeds Town Hall, May 2nd 2003
Bill Lythgoe's Birthday, May 9th 2003
GEOG 3820 Research Group
Summer Ball, June 7th, 20032003 (Rip-off)
Pen-y-Ghent, June 13th, 2003
Graduation Day, July 21st, 2003
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N.B. These pictures have all been reduced in size for ease of access, but I do retain the masters, so if you want some, e-mail me!

Steve Kidd's Home Page Steve Kidd's email